RYMY Twig Camo high-visibility vest


Orange twig camo vest, developed in co-operation with Team Karhukopla.

Vest is adjustable at the waist and neck/chest. Adjustions are done with Velcro strips. Attachment points are covered and hidden under cover flaps. Reflectors on both sides and on chest. There is a metallic D-ring for walking/tracking at the neck of the vest.

Fabric’s outer surface is durable and strong polyester and the inner surface comfy cotton.
The under-belly piece is made of strong polyamide fabric, which resists mechanical stress and abrasion very well.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL

Size XS: (Dachshund size)
Neck circumference approx. 24 – 32cm
Chest circumference approx. 44 – 48cm
Waist circumference approx. 33 – 40cm

Size S: (Dachshund size)
Neck circumference approx. 27 – 35cm
Chest circumference approx. 47 – 56cm
Waist circumference approx. 36 – 46cm

Size M:
Neck circumference approx. 31 – 39cm
Chest circumference approx. 55 – 65cm
Waist circumference approx. 40 – 50cm

Size L:
Neck circumference approx. 35 – 43cm
Chest circumference approx. 65 – 75cm
Waist circumference approx. 45 – 55cm

Size XL:
Neck circumference approx. 42 – 50cm
Chest circumference approx. 74 – 84cm
Waist circumference approx. 54 – 65cm

Phone number print 10€

Delivery time for Rymy vest is about 1 week.
ATTENTION! If you order a phone number print for the vest, delivery time extends to about 2 weeks. We order the prints once a week and attach them to vests when they’re ready.


Phone number print

Phone number (max. two numbers or number and name) +10€

Orbiloc flashing light with a vest fastener

Choose the colour

Just the fastener for a flashing light

for Orbiloc


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