JEHU Twig Camo floating GPS-high-visibility vest


Orange twig camo vest, developed in co-operation with Team Karhukopla.

Multi-use vest that helps your dog for example when falling through ice to stay above the surface and gives you more time to save the dog from the cold water.
Removable floaters in sizes L and XL have enough floating material to float about 10kg. S and M sizes about 8.5kg.
Dog has air in itself, in lungs and elsewhere in the body, and a floater is a nice additional help. Vest can also be used without the floater part.
Floater is inserted into the vest from the backside. Vest has a light net inner lining.

Vest is adjustable at the waist and neck/chest. Adjustions are done with Velcro strips. Attachment points are covered and hidden under cover flaps. Reflectors on both sides and on chest. There is a metallic D-ring for walking/tracking at the neck of the vest.

GPS-pocket is opened and closed from the side with a zipper. Pocket has 3 different antenna holes, for different device models.
All of the most common GPS-devices fit in to the pocket and from most models also the whole collar.
Fits all models from Tracker, Ultracom and Garmin and many more similarly sized and styled devices.

Camo fabric’s outer surface is durable and strong polyester and the inner surface is comfy cotton.
The under-belly piece is made of strong polyamide fabric, which resists mechanical stress and abrasion very well.

Sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL

Size XS: (Dachshund size)
Neck circumference approx. 24 – 32cm
Chest circumference approx. 44 – 48cm
Waist circumference approx. 33 – 40cm

Size S: (Dachshund size)
Neck circumference approx. 27 – 35cm
Chest circumference approx. 47 – 56cm
Waist circumference approx. 36 – 46cm

Size M:
Neck circumference approx. 31 – 39cm
Chest circumference approx. 55 – 65cm
Waist circumference approx. 40 – 50cm

Size L:
Neck circumference approx. 35 – 43cm
Chest circumference approx. 65 – 75cm
Waist circumference approx. 45 – 55cm

Size XL:
Neck circumference approx. 42 – 50cm
Chest circumference approx. 74 – 84cm
Waist circumference approx. 54 – 65cm

Phone number print 10€

Delivery time for Jehu vest is about 1 week.
ATTENTION! If you order a phone number print for the vest, delivery time extends to about 2 weeks. We order the prints once a week and attach them to vests when they’re ready.


Phone number print

Phone number (max. two numbers or number and name) +10€

Orbiloc flashing light with a fastener

Includes a flashing light and a vest fastener for it. Choose the colour of the light.

Just the vest fastener for a flashing light

For Orbiloc


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