KAISLA Neoprene vest

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Warming vest for cold waters.

Black neoprene vest which can be adjusted to fit different body types thanks to its wide Velcro strips (for example for retrievers and pointers).

Velcro strip adjustments for the neck, chest and hip circumferences.

The only seams are on both sides of the chest. Vest can be made to fit every dog by cutting it. You can shape the neck and leg openings. You can also shape or entirely cut off the flaps on the hind legs if you want to.

Back length can be adjusted by cutting. Every size has 10cm room for shortening thanks to the way it’s stitched.

Vest is made for females in default but there are markings where to cut on the inside of the vest to make it fit males. Markings are indicative so try it on first before cutting.

Male pointer in the pictures is wearing size L. Vest has been shaped only by cutting the underbelly opening bigger. For this particular dog it’s not necessary to shape the vest other than by shortening the back length.

Thickness of Neoprene is 3mm.

If you need some special modifications made to your vest before it’s send to you please be in contact with us.

Sizes: S, M, L and XL.


Size S:

Dog’s neck circumference approx. 27-35cm

Dog’s chest circumference approx. 47-56cm

Dog’s hip circumference approx. 36-46cm

Vest’s back length 40-50cm


Size M:

Dog’s neck circumference approx. 31-39cm

Dog’s chest circumference approx. 55-65cm

Dog’s hip circumference approx. 40-50cm

Vest’s back length 50-60cm


Size L:

Dog’s neck circumference approx. 35-43cm

Dog’s chest circumference approx. 65-75cm

Dog’s hip circumference approx. 45-55cm

Vest’s back length 55-65cm


Size XL:

Dog’s neck circumference approx. 42-50cm

Dog’s chest circumference approx. 74-84cm

Dog’s hip circumference approx. 54-65cm

Vest’s back length 60-70cm



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