Heatcoat Pink

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Coat’s main colour is bright pink and secondary colour gray snow camo pattern.

A warm coat for your dog for walks or after a chase.
Designed to form to dog’s shapes and lines. Still even large movements are possible.
Protects all important muscle groups well.

Coat has soft flexible loops for the hind legs that are comfortable for the dog and keep the coat snugly in place.
Reflector strips on both sides of the coat, designed so the reflectors are visible in every direction.
There is also a reflector on the outer collar.

Coat has 2 collars, the inner one is adjustable with a cord fastener. All seams are sewn in a way that they are not in contact with the dog.
The underbelly piece is designed to be curvy and to form to the chest. Coat’s circumference is adjusted with the underbelly piece and attached on the back with velcro strips.

Coat’s pink outer fabric is wear-resistant polyamide that is also water- and windproof.

Snow camo fabric is water- and dirt-resistant polyester/cotton mix that the Finnish Defence Forces also uses, and as such fulfills tight quality criteria.

Contains warming ceramic Meida-filling. Its effect is based on the ceramic microfibers’ capability to insulate and reflect body heat. Material reflects back up to 80% of body heat.
Heat insulation properties 2,5 times more effective than in a kashmir wool shirt. Soft, thin and breathable.

Coat’s lining is hollow polyester fiber knitted fabric, so its heat insulation is good. Fiber and with it the knitted fabric are thin, light and pleasingly soft.
Knitted fabric removes moisture from the skin, is warm and dries fast thanks to its hollow structure.

When washing the coat do not use fabric softener so the lining’s fibers don’t get blocked and ruin the moisture moving capabilities.

Sizes according to the back length:
30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60cm
Dachshund sizes:
39, 43, 47 and 51cm

Coats are made to order.


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