ELVA orange harness

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Orange padding with orange reflective straps.

For adjustment purposes there are two different slots for chest strap to pass through in the underbelly part.

Padded harness is comfy to wear. Large adjustments for neck and chest circumferences.
Chest strap moves freely, making smooth walking possible without the whole harness turning from side to side as the dog moves.
O-ring at the front, making the harness usable as a reaction harness.

Flashing light can be attached on the backside of harness, for example Orbiloc (there is a strap for the light around which it’s attached).
You can order the flashing light at the same time when ordering the harness (flashing light is not included in the harness’ price).

Sizes: XS, S, M and L

Adjustments: Minimum and maximum
XS:   Neck 20 – 32cm    Chest 28 – 43cm
S:     Neck 29 – 48cm    Chest 36 – 58cm
M:    Neck 34 – 53cm    Chest 52 – 85cm
L:     Neck 40 – 71cm    Chest 62 – 106cm

Part of the same series with Elsa half-choke collar and Essi leash. Goes also well with Iita and Laaki leashes.


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